The Case for Saying Goodbye to Christmas Gifts Forever

Today is the 27th of December, three days after Christmas Eve. Today is also the ideal time to start thinking about next year’s Christmas presents. If that statement gives your shopping-sick self a headache, bear with me. Your future self will thank you profusely every upcoming December for the rest of your life.

It is time To Finally Stop Buying Christmas Presents

At a societal level in the Western world, Christmas now means going absolutely bonkers in the consumerism department as much as it means spending time with family and friends. That needs to change, for the sake of our collective sanity, for our wallets, and most pressingly, for the sake of Planet Earth.

Step 1: Stop Buying People Stuff They Don’t Need

This point should be pretty damn obvious, but it clearly isn’t, let me be blunt: your family and friends do not need more stuff.

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No, your friend who “has everything” doesn’t need that.

Step 2: Stop Receiving Things You Don’t Need

“But if I stop buying things for people, they will get pissed off..!”

Now is the Time to Lobby for a Gift-Free Christmas Next Year

As mentioned initially, now is the ideal time to start thinking about next year’s Christmas presents. We’re just coming off the holiday high, but the frantic last-minute runs to the shopping mall are still fresh in mind (and the credit card bills well under way). This is the time to start talking with your family and friends about making a change for next year. Start managing expectations early — don’t tell people you’re done with gifts a week before Christmas, when half the presents are already bought.

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Don’t spend December at the mall. Do this instead.

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